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Metabolomics is the study of small organic molecules, named metabolites, present in a given biological system. This emerging research field of “omics” sciences can provide a general view of metabolomics state and of biochemical interaction connected to a studied system biology. Besides, metabolomics reflects phenotype, revealing system biology response to genetics, nutritional and environmental influence.

Nowadays one of the main strategies in metabolomics fields are metabolic profiles, that stand out as the foundation for changes produced during disease progression, drug action mechanism or nutrition effects on biological and pathological processes.

Some of the most outstanding aspects of metabolomics applications include:


Screening Services: metabolomics global approach allows sample classification and provides with a comprehensive perspective to explore the numerous factors that govern a system biology.

Biomarker search/identification: search for a metabolite indicative of normal biological process, pathological process or a response to a therapeutic or nutritional intervention. Among them there are diagnostic markers ( allow for disease classification), prognostic markers ( enable disease emergence/ development ) and predictive markers ( revealing response to a certain treatment)

Companion diagnostics: studies focused on helping the clinicians in making treatment decisions for their patients.

Drug development optimization: New drug effect evaluation during early stages development, in endogenous or xenobiotic metabolism, focusig on human efficacy/toxicity prediction.

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