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OWLTotalSM is a complete metabolomic analysis. Our various platforms allow access to a diverse range of analytes:


Lipidomics-Platform 1

• Fatty acyls: non esterified fatty acids, oxidised fatty acids, N-acyl ethanolamines and acylcarnitines.

• Sterol lipids: bile acids and steroids.

• Glycerophospholipids (lyso): phosphoethanolamines, phosphoinositols, phosphoglycerols and phosphocholines.

• Free sphingoid bases.


Lipidomics-Platform 2

•  Fatty acyls: primary fatty amides.

•  Sterol lipids: Cholesteryl esters, cholesterol and cholesteryl sulfate.

•  Sphingolipids: ceramides, monohexosylceramides  and sphingomyelins.

• Glycerolipids: monoacylglycerols, diacylglycerols and triacylglycerols.  

• Glycerophospholipids (diacyl or ether-acyl): phosphoethanolamines, phosphoinositols, phosphoglycerols and phosphocholines.


Amino acids-Platform 3

•  Amino acids and amino acid derivatives.


Central Carbon Metabolism-Platform 4

•  Central Carbon Metabolism: Pentose Phosphate Pathway, TCA cycle and Glycolysis.

•  Carboxylic acids, nucleosides, vitamins, amino acid derivatives, exogenous or microbial origin.

• Miscellaneous metabolite.


Each platform also covers a number of unidentified analytes which may provide an equally important contribution to a metabolic phenotype. The list of unidentified analytes for each platform is continually reviewed with new MS/MS or complementary analytical data providing up-to-date information on possible metabolite identifications.



OWLLipidsSM offers a comprehensive lipid analysis through the analytical platforms Lipidomics-Platform 1 and Lipidomics-Platform 2.



OWL offers the non-invasive OWLSkinSM analysis, particularly relevant to both cosmetic and dermatology research.

Using OWLSkinSM the researcher can measure alterations in hundreds of ceramides and other metabolites to monitor skin damage and recovery without the need for a biopsy.


Proposals for the coverage of other metabolites and quantifications are studied on a case-by-case basis. For further information, please contact us on


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