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OWLiver. Frequently asked questions for patients

What is OWLiver?

OWLiver is the first in vitro serum based test for Steatosis and Steatohepatitis.

How do you perform OWLiver?

OWLiver is a normal blood test that identifies Steatosis/NASH degree and that will enable your doctor to have a closer disease follow up.

What is Fatty Liver Disease? Which are the symptoms? Is there any treatment for this disease?

Non-alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease is the accumulation of fat in the liver. It is a very common hepatic disease and, for most people, causes no signs and symptoms. At this moment there is no standard treatment for non-alcoholic fatty liver disease. Some of the most common steps to control this illness are to lose weight, practice moderate exercise and keep a healthy diet along with your doctor´s controls.

Which are the risks of fatty liver?

Sometimes, the excess of fat leads to inflammation of the liver ( Steatohepatitis). An inflamed liver may become scarred and hardened ( that is, cirrhotic) and can lead to liver failure and transplantation need.

Is it necessary to repeat OWLiver test? How often?

OWLiver NAFLD diagnostic test is a way to diagnose the disease as well as a way to follow up illness development. Because it is a non-invasive method, OWLiver can be considered by the clinician a good follow up tool and thus, prescribe the method each time he/she considers of interest.

Is it compulsory a liver biopsy in order to diagnose fatty liver disease?

Your doctor is the one who has the final decision to prescribe or not a liver biopsy in order to diagnose the illness once he/she has considered all other clinical data.

What is the relationship between liver and metabolism?

Liver is the metabolic center of the body. Its function is to keep the appropriate level of nutrients in the blood to be used by the brain, muscles and other peripheric tissues. All nutrients absorbed by the bowel except fatty acids, are directly sent to this organ.

What are the symptoms you have to have in order to ask for OWLiver test?

For most people, non-alcoholic fatty liver disease causes no signs and symptoms. Your clinician would decide if you have to undergo this test, after considering all clinical data available.

Does the metabolic profile change?

As others systems, the metabolic profile is the result of a dynamic analysis at a given time and thus, it changes under different conditions.

Is OWLiver a test to diagnose other liver diseases or only Steatosis or Steatohepatitis?

OWLiver NAFLD diagnostic test is specially designed to diagnose Steatosis and Steatohepatitis and not appropriate for the diagnosis of other hepatic illnesses.

Are obesity and frequent alcohol in-take good reasons to perform OWLiver test?

OWLiver test is only for non-alcoholic Steatosis and Steatohepatitis diagnostic. In the case of alcoholic fatty liver disease, your clinician will prescribe other test.

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