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The importance of Data Science

In today’s world, research centres and pharmaceutical companies are generating more and more information, resulting in an increased number of variables and data to be analysed. Often this makes it impossible to obtain information using traditional methods based on spreadsheets. In this context, using the most cutting-edge databases facilitating improved data management and higher work efficiency is essential. This is where OWL leverages the benefits provided by Data Science.

Data Science is an inter-disciplinary field which combines mathematics, computer science and specific software knowledge. Like any other science, Data Science is based on scientific methods to extract knowledge or improve understanding of data sets in their different structured or unstructured formats. Bearing this in mind, Data Science encompasses data analysis domains such as statistics, data mining, machine learning and predictive analytics.

How does OWL work with Data Science?

Data Science is a tool which helps researchers work data, extract information and represent it optimally. OWL’s Data Science department involves a team of two experts with complementary profiles: a more technical and theoretical one – Data Scientist – and a more applied one – Data Engineer -, with computer science knowledge enabling work with different data sources.

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