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To develop both diagnostic products and metabolomics services to medical, pharmaceutical, food-nutrition and cosmetics research.


To be the best-in class performer in metabolomics and its application in both R&D services and the development of diagnostic systems for highly prevalent complex diseases.


The activity of the company is centered in the area of health and its objective is to identify, validate, patent and commercialize early diagnostic and/or prognostic systems, as well as therapeutic targets of hepatic diseases and other great prevalence complex pathologies. To accomplish this we use, metabolomics and bioinformatics have established a complete and highly productive platform which supports the advance of our developments.


Business Lines

Currently there are two business lines:

  • In vitro serum based diagnosis products:
    • OWLiver: OWLiver is the first serum based test to be used for Steatosis and NASH diagnosis. It is an innovative non-invasive method that allows the diagnosis through the identification and validation of metabolomic biomarkers.
    • Product Pipeline: OWL is currently applying its know-how in metabolomic technology to other diseases with complex diagnostics with a personalized medicine approach.
  • Metabolomics Services to external organizations: OWL offers metabolomic services to pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies in key areas such as biomarker discovery, clinical studies, companion diagnostics and toxicology.
    OWL strives to provide a top quality service for cutting-edge research, using strictly controlled analytical procedures and state of the art facilities under expert supervision.
    - From a multi-technological approach, becoming a leader in metabolomics.
    - Applying this technology not only to hepatic diseases but also to other complex pathologies.
    - Going from biotechnological research to commercialize new products and services.
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