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OWLiver - How it works

Blood sampling protocol

The owl liver NAFLD Diagnosis Test needs just a serum sample together with a set of patient clinical parameters (age, sex, BMI,…). The following blood sample extraction procedure should be followed:


  1. Fasting blood collection in Vacutainer SST II advance tubes or similar, without anticoagulant and with separation gel.
  2. Vacutainer System Blood Collection needles or similar.
  3. Centrifuge following the extraction tube manufacturer´s instructions.
  4. Remove serum, place it in an Eppendorf tube and freeze immediately at -80ºC.
  5. Samples should be sent for analysis on dry ice (-80ºC). 

Processing and analysis time will vary depending on the necessary procedures in each case.

OWLiver diagnostic system

  1. Clinician prescribes owl liver Diagnostic test using the patient’s blood sample.
  2. Metabolites are extracted from the serum sample.
  3. An analytical profile of the extracted metabolites is generated.
  4. Prime interest metabolites for the disease are identified. The relative levels of key metabolites are checked against a NASH/Steatosis database.

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