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Company introduction

OWL, formerly known as OWL GENOMICS, is a biotechnology company founded in 2002 with the mission to contribute to the monitoring and diagnosis of human or animal health. OWL was born upon the knowledge and scientific developments of Dr. Jose Maria Mato, founding partner and Scientific Director of the company.

The activity of the company is centered in the area of health, with pioneering applications in the international scientific panorama, and whose objective is to identify, validate, patent and commercialize diagnostic and/or prognostic systems, as well as therapeutic targets involved in the development of complex diseases.

OWL has developed a comprehensive set of Metabolomics tools, which makes possible the discovery and identification of biomarkers for either research or diagnostics purposes.
It is a state of the art technology that combines ultra performance liquid chromatography with mass spectrometry (UPLC-MS), and that allows OWL to offer a novel metabolomics service, with potential clients in hospitals, research centers, and biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries.

Thus, OWL has established a leading position in personalized medicine for liver disease, specifically, non-alcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH) and is currently introducing the first in vitro serum based diagnostic for NAFLD and NASH, based on the studies on hepatic diseases carried out by Dr. Mato.
The current clinical diagnosis for NASH is based on liver biopsy, an invasive and costly procedure. The company has developed a simple blood test to be used for NASH diagnosis. An early diagnosis seems to be the best way to stop the progression of the disease by changing their life style and monitoring patient evolution.

Besides, OWL has qualified professionals to complete and develop present and future new research lines in a wide range of pathologies, offering a variety of innovative products of excellence.

Since its foundation OWL has obtained full support from its main share holder, Cross Road Biotech, who bring their management skills and biotechnology business knowledge into OWL.

Furthermore, a number of strategic alliances with biotechnology and bioinformatics companies, hospitals, research centers and universities has also enhanced OWL´s leading position.

On the other hand the leading position of OWL would not have been possible without an important network of collaborators, for which a number of strategic alliances with biotechnology and bioinformatics companies, hospitals, research centers and universities has been formed.

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