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OWL is a member of the Basque Bioregion (Biobasque), a growing cluster of life science companies rooted in a renovated research and innovation system. Strong government support, with a pro-business orientation, has helped a thriving biosciences community, promoted the collaboration between the academic world, the health system and industry; and contributed essential infrastructures. The business sector, with more than 70 companies, benefits from leveraging different expertise and converging technologies. Biological know how is complemented by a tradition in engineering, manufacturing, microtechnology, electronics, robotics and automation, and by the newer skills in nanotechnology.

And for sustained success, the BioBasque is also connected to the world. Strong ties have been established with the international scientific community through active participation in global networks such as the Human Proteome Organisation (HUPO) initiative and collaborative relationships within Europe, among which the ERANET programme, or direct participation in networks such as the CEBR (Council of European BioRegions) and organisations such as EuropaBio.

BioBasque - The Basque BioRegion


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Parque tecnológico de Zamudio

Parque Tecnológico de Bizkaia

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